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AIM Sports AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Tool Kit, Black

AIM Sports AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Tool Kit, Black



The Aim Sports AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Tool Kit comes with everything needed to maintain or modify an AR rifle correctly.

The Aim Sports AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Tool Kit allows for disassembly and assembly of the AR family of weapons. The vise blocks carefully secure your firearm without causing any damage. The front sight tool helps correct your aim, and the stock combo wrench assists in removing barrel nuts, muzzle devices, and buttstocks. Made of solvent-resistant polymer and heavy duty tool steel, this kit is worth the investment.

Visit our AR-15 Parts and Accessories section for additional tools to adjust and maintain your AR-15.

Aim Sports AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Tool Kit Features and Specifications:

– Vise Blocks Will Not Damage or Mar Receiver
– Lower Receiver Fits Into Magazine Housing from Either Top or Bottom
– Magazine Catch Securely Locks-In Receiver
– Multi-Tool Provides Installation and Removal of Barrel Nuts, Muzzle Devices, and Buttstocks

Kit Includes:
AR Lower and Upper Receiver Vise Blocks
A1 and A2 Front Sight Tool
AR-15/M4 Combo Wrench

Materials: Solvent-Resistant Polymer Vise Blocks; Powder Coated Steel Sight Tool and Wrench

Item#: ARR-176-011


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